11 Easy Ways To Boost Your Content Marketing Today

Boost Your Content Marketing

In Content Marketing, the phrase “Content is King” is said so often it’s become a cliché. However, it is absolutely true. After all, content is what drives traffic to your site and how you show your expertise in your field. Additionally, it’s how you present the products and services you have to offer to your target customers.

Today, the best way to get your prospects to know your brand and convert them into loyal customers is to ensure your content is developed in a way that it resonates with them.

Together with the Types of Content Marketing, you need to consider which form of Content Production you will use for your content creation.

Content marketing for organic search consists of planning, creating, distributing, sharing, and publishing content. Content can be distributed on social media channels, websites, blogs, apps, print publications, press releases, podcasts, and more.

The goal is to build brand awareness, reach your target audience, increase engagement and boost sales as well as encourage customer loyalty.


The Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing is essential to your online business. Here is what it can do for your brand:

  • Inform both your leads and prospects of services and products you have to offer to them;
  • Reach new prospects and turn them into buyers;
  • Let you build rapport with your customers;
  • Enable you to show your prospects how your business will solve their pain points;
  • Build a following and community loyal to your brand.

Types of Content Marketing


Your written content in your blog posts can attract your potential customers. With a blog on your site, you can talk about topics your customer may find useful, provide answers to problems they have, and show your expertise in your field. This way your marketing efforts can subtly lead them back to your product or service.

Therefore you need to develop an effective piece of content to attract your prospects. You can do this by developing a content marketing strategy for your brand. Content marketing strategies involves the planning, creation and delivery of your content. Alternatively, work with a content marketing agency that would be responsible for producing SEO-oriented for your brand.


If you need to communicate a large amount of information in a way that your user will understand it quickly, use infographics (it’s an absolute go-to). Infographics also make hard data easier to understand. Infographics can pack in a lot of information, so marketers love using this type of content. Using infographics can also be a lot of fun and a great way to create eye-catching content for an audience.

Case studies

Another type of content marketing worth considering is case studies. With case studies, people considering buying your product can see the journeys of your existing customers from start to finish and decide whether or not to buy from you.

With this content type, you can accomplish more and win over your prospects as it enables them to learn about your brand through the experience of other customers.


E-books are a great medium to use. They allow you to combine both written and visual content into one document. Many businesses choose to write eBooks with valuable information and give them away in exchange for contact details of prospects, which is a great opportunity to communicate with them further.

This type of content is also a great way to entice a customer to engage with your service. Ebooks are a great way to showcase your expertise building trust with a potential lead. Commissioning a competent content writer will go a long way towards delivering a premium product for your eBook.

User-generated content

As the name suggests, user-generated content refers to content users create themselves by engaging with each other on your blog or in a forum. By giving users the option to respond to each other, you can create trust and keep them interested in doing business with you—not to mention the new customers can you could reach through this powerful content marketing method.


As with e-books, checklists are a great content marketing medium to use in order to provide value to prospects. They allow you to offer your customers a step-by-step method of solving issues they are facing or provide an outline of requirements to complete tasks.

With the right format, checklists can be applied to web pages and social media. Checklists can also be useful in connecting with a potential customer.  Often used as a free giveaway in exchange for contact information, opening up further communications with potential leads.


Although memes are considered low quality and spammy —they can sometimes be used in content marketing. Memes refer to images that are rapidly circulated online with a blend of both brand-related and culturally relevant texts added to them.

Generally, memes are reserved for light-hearted brands and brands that don’t take things too seriously. It is something to be used cautiously. Yet, strategically used, memes can help a customer resonate with and fix certain pain points and make your business appear more human. Before using memes, consider asking yourself whether this kind of content is befitting of your brand’s voice and identity.

Testimonials and customer reviews

Testimonials and reviews work the same way as user-generated content in that they are also written by users. They can greatly contribute to the success of your brand, especially when your customers love your products. They can sell compelling reasons as to how your products have provided for their very needs, thereby persuading other people to try your products as well.

Reviews build trust with a brand. Often a good or bad review can be the basis of a customer choosing or rejecting your product or service. Therefore, consider a review outreach strategy to help boost trust from your new customer.

White papers

Even though often confused with e-books, whitepapers are different from e-books. Unlike the former, whitepapers contain hard data and more information.

Another key feature of whitepapers is that they tend to pay more attention to details and, according to the Demand Gen Survey Report, make part of the research phase for most buyers. 71 % of buyers rely on whitepapers to make their buying decisions.

While their content is more utilitarian, whitepapers have to be visually appealing. So, think of design as you go about formatting pages and key takeaways. The best way to do this is to use easy-to-read and appealing fonts when you are writing your whitepapers to keep your readers interested and wanting to read more.

An experienced content marketing specialist can help in creating whitepapers that will turn your potential customers into buyers.

How-to guides

How-to guides are suitable for products such as CRM or other types of software. Given their effectiveness in content marketing, how-to guides are often used in training courses to give potential buyers the chance to test a product before purchasing it to determine whether it will provide for their needs.

However, for Instagram, small businesses prefer using carousels to further explain to prospects how to use a product or service. Instagram carousels allow marketers to visually provide their audience with key information about a certain product and its value to them.

You don’t need to create an entire how-to guide. Instead, you can upload 30-second clips to one post to offer your prospects all the information they need to convert. Alternatively, you can upload multiple photos to serve the same purpose.

For how-to guides, a content marketing agency can also offer assistance.


A great strategy to boost your marketing campaign is to work with industry influencers. This can be beneficial to your outreach because influencers with large followings on social media platforms can help you attract users you failed to reach yourself.

To work with influencers in your industry, search for influencers whose many followers are your target audience and see if they have added their business email address to their profile with which you can reach out to them with a press release.

Once you find their business email, send them a personalised email, asking for possible cooperation with them. If there is no email address on their profile, contact either their company or manager directly for a chance to work with them.

While relatively different from the other types of content marketing services, working with influencers can help boost your content marketing efforts. So, an influencer can serve as a content marketing specialist for your marketing campaign.


Overall, effective content production and marketing strategies consist of employing several types of content. But before starting your own content marketing efforts, examine what strategy would be suitable for your brand.  Consider the types of content marketing and content production types that are necessary to help achieve your business end goals. Also, think about the budget you may need to turn that into a reality. 



How Hardcraft Digital can help

Work with a website content agency to maximise your chances of success in attracting the attention of customers and search engines alike.

A content marketing agency will:

  • Help you develop a content strategy
  • Ensure your content is optimised for SEO;
  • Produce relevant content to your brand;
  • Organise your blog;
  • Research and develop content for all marketing channels.

Feel free to reach out and see how Hardcraft Digital can help you today.


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