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I am a producer of all things marketing. Having started out my career in advertising as an operations manager and later on growing my experience into print, television and radio production and, over the past 8 years adding digital marketing such as search engine optimisation and content production to my list. I have two decades of experience to share with you.

How It Started

After leaving my 15-year advertising career to work on my dream passion project, one thing became abundantly clear very quickly: small business marketing takes a significant amount of time, knowledge, and money to execute well.

I dedicated so much time to marketing my business,  that I was left with little energy to work on the actual project. Within 18 months, I ran out of steam and gave up… Does this sound familiar? Stick around; I have good news for you.

The Reality Check

An Uncomfortable Truth

As I learned my lessons from this terrible experience, I decided to use all of my skills—the ones I already had and those I had acquired—to help other small businesses struggling with online marketing due to these problems. Money, time and trust.

When starting a business, there is one thing that often gets overlooked: that is the cost of your own time. Make no mistake; your time is incredibly valuable. Every hour you spend on trying to market yourself is an hour away from doing what you set out to do. And if only it was just an hour!

Want to know why so many small businesses fail? The time and energy it requires to promote their product or service is so consuming that they end up spending virtually all of their time on marketing.  As a result they are unable to focus on their main, important goal which is to perfect their product or service to boost their sales.  

They are left depleted and drawn away from the business itself.  The truth is that businesses don’t think about devising a marketing strategy or allowing for a budget. Sadly because they think online marketing is easy and that they can do it by themselves. 

If you have ever tried to do your own marketing, you know how much work is involved. Take a look at what you would need to market your own products or services:

  • Additional knowledge
  • Time to learn new skills 
  • Resources to experiment with various marketing plans
  • Time to produce marketing content
  • Time to execute a marketing plan

You would need to experiment with endless platforms until you find the right one for you. Aside from written content, you would have to dedicate some of your time to producing visuals, podcasts, and other types of content. The list is endless as there are so many ways of consuming content today.

Let’s be honest. Do you really have the time to do all of these tasks and still focus on the product you are selling? 

Of course not! Then why not spend your time on your actual business instead? However dedicated you may be, you just cannot do it all with success, and I speak from experience. By no means can you run your business alone.

Importantly, there are thousands of businesses with marketing company support out there that will outperform you. While it’s such an uncomfortable thought, it is a reality you need to be aware of.

It’s not at all bad news; it is simply a reality check to help you make an informed decision. Here’s how we can work together.


The solution to marketing problems

There is a solution proven to be effective in jumping this hurdle: Employ a professional. Understandably, hiring a professional is probably the biggest obstacle you need to overcome for two reasons:


Here’s the first thing to consider: Money

Ask yourself and answer the question “How much is my product worth?” How much are you willing to spend to sell that product? If the product is worth $1000 and a return on investment is spending $300 to sell it for a conversion. Would you make an investment like that?



Here’s the second thing to consider: Trust

If you are not experienced in marketing it is easy to be lead up the garden path, I took bad advice from all the wrong people. I can assure you all my strategies are built from research and mistakes I personally made. They are transparent and honest because above all I value integrity. I offer a free website and content audit to get you started, no strings attached. You can decide how you would like to proceed.

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Reasons small businesses need professionals with marketing experience

There are reasons small businesses should work with advertising professionals instead of an agency.

Here are the three biggest reasons agencies may not be best option for a small business like yours:

  • An ad agency has bigger overheads that take up most of the budget.
  • They pay salaries irrespective of work, leading to more overheads to pay for.
  • They tend to charge higher rates than independent marketing professionals.

By working with me, you will have the following advantages over those relying on marketing agencies. The benefits include, but not limited to, the following:

  • I offer affordable, experienced marketing services without overheads.
  • I care less about big salaries and expensive offices but more about getting you the results you desire.
  • I have personally been through the experiences as a start up myself so I know what works.

Work Experience

I’ve worked with the biggest brands in the industry such as Coca Cola, Audi, KFC, Nissan, Government and many others. The same strategy used for these brands can be applied to yours without the cost. Therefore saving you time and money for your other important tasks.


My fees are based on my time alone. Because I have no overheads I am able to provide you with the best quotes for your budget. I am extremely competitive. Check my availability below or get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Work Process

My marketing strategy is not a hack,  I don’t hack or scheme. Rather, I use my 2-decade experience to produce and develop a working marketing plan for you—always working within what your budget allows.

I offer a free website and content audit to get you started and a proposal of work required dependant on your budget.

I am an accomplished content producer and SEO specialist with a flair for creativity. I have diverse skills across multiple industries. My approach is hands-on, proactive and consultative.


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