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Hardcraft has two decades of content production experience to share with you. Having produced for some of the biggest brands in the world. 

A content creator of commercials, documentaries, videos, print and radio campaigns and more. Staying up to date with the latest trends and technology in the industry. Therefore knowing where to use your content, and how to produce it. 


Produce Content That Delivers Results

Understanding how your content plays into the overall marketing strategy and producing first-class content for all your marketing platforms is what Hardcraft does best. People love content that comes in a narrative form like stories that are engaging and interesting to readers. 

Aside from being engaging, you need to create content that is authentic and feels tailored to those you are seeking to target—hence the reason content marketing and storytelling go hand in hand.

Unlock the power of content marketing by working with the results-driven content marketing specialist in Sydney. The demand for content is almost insatiable.  The way and methods we employ to deliver our content vary greatly and are constantly changing.

Content creation/production refers to the physical production of content through images, videos, gifs, memes, written content etc. Staying up to date with the latest trends can be somewhat challenging, not to mention understanding the technology required to produce in the different formats available. Hardcraft is here to help with your content management every step of the way, 


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Types of Content Production

Here are the popular content production types you can consider for your use with your content marketing strategy and marketing communications.

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Written Content

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GIF's & Memes

By using a combination of the different production types your content has an exciting opportunity to create brand awareness, reach your target audience, increase engagement and boost sales as well as encourage customer loyalty.

Written Content

Written Content

When it comes to online business, the longest standing digital content and most widely used type of content is written content. Given that written content is the foundation of Google search, it is important to show the search engine your content is worth showing to its searcher.

Not only should your content be relevant to search engines, but it should also provide answers to the questions people are asking online— written content is the starting place of the search. Well written content appeals to both search engines and users.

Ensuring your content is relevant to search engines requires that you know everything about content marketing optimisation. However, don’t worry if you have no skills to write SEO-oriented content; working with a content marketing agency that understands SEO is all you need to create and optimize your content for the search engines.

Written content optimised for search engines relies on a different approach from that of traditional copywriting.  Article length, keyword use, multimedia and document outline play a big part in its production. To enhance the performance of written content it is highly recommended to add other content production types to your page. Consider photography, video, gifs etc in addition to written content and boost the performance of your content and reach.

Image Content / Photography

Images & Photography

There are a few reasons an image is different from the written content:

  • Images are easier to understand;
  • Our eyes can easily get the image content;
  • Images increase people’s interest in your content.

Suppose I want to sell a pair of shoes. Well, I can either describe the pair of shoes or show you a picture of the shoes in addition to my description.

Now which method would be much easier to convey what I am talking about? Showing a picture of shoes would do a better job of showcasing the pair of shoes than simply the description alone.

That’s how important images are for your content. They can enhance and make it easier to understand.

It’s also a good idea to stay up to date with visual content marketing trends. Technology is always evolving creating a new and unique way to show images.

Once satisfied by an image, your target audience will want to know a little more and then refer back to your copy to complete the loop. The quality and “self-explanatory” nature of images is what gets people to engage with your content.

Types of Images

Your Own Images

Your own images: produced by you for example on your phone or using a camera.

Stock Footage

Stock images; which may be free and licenced.  Although they are not necessarily used only by you (especially free stock),  stock images are often a quick and budget-friendly way to access visual content. 

Professional Photography

Employing a photographer to shoot images that are 100% original. You will own the rights to them and use your images as you see fit. 

Commissioned photography is also far more effective in communicating your brand’s authenticity and product or service offering.

Video Marketing & Production

Video Content

Video marketing is one of the most effective uses of content. Research done by Wyzowl has indicated that video marketing can help a great deal in raising brand awareness.  In fact, when it comes to learning about a brand’s products or services, research shows that 69% of consumers prefer video to any other form of content marketing.

Use a video marketing strategy to your advantage by hiring a video marketing agency.

There are several benefits to using video marketing. It can help you accomplish the following:
-Build relationships with your audience;
-Improve ROI;
-Boost conversions
-Quickly get your message across
-Entertain and inform your user

A video marketing company can provide you with the best videos to include in your blog posts and landing pages. It can also help with social media video content to share on other platforms you are using.

Videos are a powerful marketing tool as they have been proven to engage both new and existing audiences faster; they are also a versatile medium, which means you can use videos for various purposes and platforms.

Work with a video marketing agency to help create the best video content in your industry in order to increase your chance of engaging with your audience and keeping them interested in your content.

Types of Video Content  

Self Made Videos

These are the video you shoot yourself often on your phone or a camera. Often used on social media because of the frequency of the content required. They are cost-effective and can create humanness for your brand.

Stock Video Footage

Some stock video is available for free or some royalty-free options may be available at a cost. Stock video like stock photography does have a downside in as much as it will not be exclusive to your brand.

However, it does provide cost and timing advantages. Not all imagery you find is free to use. Make sure you have the right to use it to avoid possible legal action. 

Commissioned Film shoot

Commissioning footage will always out weight stock video footage and your own efforts. Professional footage has the advantage of being unique to your brand. 

The quality of the production will be better as will the accuracy of the message. Professional footage is tailored to your exact needs. 

Others Ways of Producing Video Content

Others ways of producing video content include animations, multimedia productions and moving infographics.

To make use of your static images consider placing static images into video sequences and adding dynamic effects and titles, music and/or voiceovers.

It’s a wonderful way of repurposing static content in a new format. Video continues to evolve as do the platforms that utilise them. Platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube,  YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Watch, to name a few, rely purely on video footage.

Even Instagram has recently joined in the announcing they are no longer a photo-sharing app. Using video in your marketing efforts is imperative to growing your brand. 



Infographics are largely available online. More often than not, you may use them if you credit the original source. But when you do so, make sure you have permission and are following the guidelines outlined with the use of someone else’s work.

As always, originality trumps reuse. Think about how you can create an infographic to highlight what you are trying to communicate. Infographics can be video or static. A well-designed and thought-out infographic will go a long way towards establishing communication and trust with your audience.

Gifs & Memes

Gifs & Memes

Gifs are a way to quickly show information. They are usually only seconds long. They are made from static images and merged to create the sense of moving footage, which is similar to a video.

Making gifs can often be a cheaper way to make a video and it is usually smaller in megabytes because it uses fewer frames. Gifs are not usable on all platforms like social media channels but are usable on websites. Alternatively, you can export a gif to a video format and use it on channels that do not allow the .gif extension.

Although memes are considered low quality and spammy —they can sometimes be used tactically in content marketing. Memes refer to images that are rapidly circulated online with a blend of both brand-related and culturally relevant texts added to them.

Generally, memes are reserved for light-hearted brands and people that don’t take things too seriously. It is something to be used cautiously.

Yet, strategically used, memes can help a customer resonate with and fix certain pain points and make your business more human. Before using memes, consider asking yourself whether this kind of content is befitting to your brand’s voice and identity.

Want to know: Why to hire a content producer? We have many articles and free resources to help you understand what content production is and why your company needs it to feature high up in a search ranking.


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