How to Make Better Content Videos

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Where to start

Better content videos for your brand

So, you’re thinking about making videos, but you have no idea where to begin? If you’re just getting started, the most important thing is to get your foot in the door and start filming! Create content on a regular basis in order to gain subscribers and remain interesting to Google.

Just be yourself and don’t let the internet change you. Don’t get caught up in trying to emulate someone else because it will show. Finally when you find your topic, create content with passion and enthusiasm. Follow the below ideas and get cracking!

Make an Outline

The first step in creating anything is planning. Even if it’s just bullet points for what you want to cover, it’s a great idea to get your ideas organised before you start recording. There are hundreds of thousands of videos that share similar content. Therefore if you’re going to make yours stand out from the crowd, you’ll need a plan no matter how simple. You don’t have to be pro most people find their own flair by trial and error.

Write a Script

The next step is to write out your video. Just like any other written work, you’ll need to have an introduction that catches the viewers’s attention. Then move into the body of your story spelling everything out that you want to record.

Record Your Video

Once you’ve written it’s time to make it come alive.  It’s best to use a high-quality camera, however, if you don’t have one try filming on your phone or tablet.

Edit Your Video

Once you’ve recorded your video, it’s time to edit. For some this is as simple as uploading their video for everyone to see yet, the most professional-looking videos are those that have been edited at least a little.

There are many programs used today such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Alternatively you can use iMovie on your phone if you have nothing else. Professional software isn’t something that most new videographers have access to at first, but it’s worth investing in if you’re serious about creating content.

Upload Your Video to Social Media

Once you’ve finished creating your masterpiece, it’s time to start posting your videos to the platform/s of your choice. Try not to upload the same types of posts in one day. Additionally post at the best times. If you know at what times your followers are most active, try and upload around that time for maximum exposure.

Don’t include any links or advertisements on your content as people will be less likely to watch the video it if their newsfeed is filled with ads. 

Finally, make sure the thumbnail is eye-catching and don’t use other people’s content without permission. This will get you into trouble real fast!

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How to find content to produce

– Ask around. Talk to people you know who are interested in your topic and find out what their biggest pain points are. Create content that solves these problems in an interesting or creative way rather than just discussing them.

– See what’s trending and create similar content.

– Make a list of all the different channels that relate to the topic you’re interested in and see which ones are getting the most views.

– If you’re just getting started, try to find a topic that’s been in the news recently and create content around it. If you need ideas, try looking at websites like Buzzsumo or  Google Alerts.

– Use stock video to create content. There are tons of videos out there and they can be very helpful when you’re creating content. To find some, just search “stock footage” or “video clips” on Google. There are also several great free videos sites available for you to use. But remember, you can’t just use any video you find. Check the copyright agreements before you post it.

– Be creative and experiment. There are so many types of content you can create. Identify with your audience by finding out their demographics; age, sex, location, etc. Seek out your biggest fans on social media and ask them what topics they would like to see more of.

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Types of video content

Promotional Videos

These are great for business owners who want to promote their brand. If you can make an attractive video, people will share it which gives you more exposure. Give enough detail about whatever it is you’re trying to sell so that the viewer feels like they know what they’re getting. Remember to create something entertaining and not too hard sell.


Show your followers what comes in the box when they receive an order. Or do a review to show your audience exactly what your product does. If it’s not something that can be shown on camera you could make an animation or infographic.

Tutorials / How To's

Do you have special knowledge or are you an expert on a particular subject? Why not share that information in the form of an explainer video or tutorial. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. Look at how others have gone about making tutorials. Make them easy to understand and fun. There are so many different ways to be creative. 

An Opinion Piece

This is where you write about a topic that is relevant to your business in some way. Opinion pieces or case study videos are great because they provide alternative insights into a topics that are relevant and could showcase the positive benefits of what you have to offer.

Follow a Trend on Social Media

If you want to focus on a certain topic and try to get your video to go viral, try and follow a trend. Check out trending videos on social and see what people like before making one yourself. This could give you an idea of what works and doesn’t. 

Like it or not, trending videos usually get plenty of views because they are often very popular. It is extremely easy to follow a trend because of hashtags. Don’t be afraid to pick something that’s already a trend and switch it up. People will love you for doing so and your video could get way more attention than if you just posted whatever you wanted.

Share an Experience

This can be anything from talking about your daily experiences, travelling the world or even something like cooking or painting. Videos, where you are talking directly to the camera may get a lot more views because it is personal. People resonate with brands that have a face to their product.

Quotes or Questions

Are there any questions you viewers have?  Or quotes you love saying? Why not turn this short clip of video by adding some dynamic graphics and sound.


These videos are easy to make and allow you to spread your message by sharing information with viewers. You could record an interview with someone that is relevant to a product or service that you offer.

Ratings or Reviews

If you liked something, why not say so? It could be a book, movie, restaurant and anything else. These types of testimonial videos give people insight into what others think about certain topics and are always popular among viewers. People often feel safer buying something new if someone else has already tried it.

Piece Together Photos

Who says that you have to talk to the camera and tell your story. Why not create a video out of photos and text? Or even slides to music. These are great because they’re easy to make. Try using iMovie or similar apps and piece together a short clip about something relevant.

Make an Animation

Adobe Spark or Canva are great websites where you can make animated GIFS or videos really easily. It doesn’t take much time and looks professional.

recent events

Try creating content around recent news or events related to your product or services. Keep it relevant and engaging to your niche. 

Create a Mini-Series

Try creating a mini-series or develop some characters that can be associated with your brand. Be original and try something different. 

Live Video

Going live might be a little daunting at first.  Once you’ve got the feel for creating your own content and your audience starts to engage with your videos, you can think about going live.  Facebook and Instagram reward live videos by boosting the content. Trying a live stream to speak directly with target audience..

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video Production

Video production in general requires some basic equipment and knowledge. To achieve the high-quality content your audience expects from you, there are few things that matter:

shoot high-quality footage

This might be the difference between someone watching your digital film or not. Create a great piece that delights, entertains and informs your viewer. The focus is on them not you.


Don’t be afraid of the sound. Audio is really important as it helps viewers focus on the text and pictures without getting distracted by background noise. It also adds a layer of emotion to the footage. 

Good lighting

Lighting is the key to a good video. Bad lighting will make your video look blurry and of poor quality. If you’re going for indoor shots, it’s best to use lighting equipment like softboxes, reflectors etc. Otherwise, place your camera in front of a window during daytime or near a lamp with your back facing the light source.

Keep it steady

Keep the camera steady. Make sure you hold the camera correctly and get everything in the frame. Get a tripod or selfie stick to help you.

Edit your footage

Trim and arrange the video. Decide if you want your video to be long or short and trim all unnecessary bits out. If it’s too long, people will leave and won’t watch the whole thing. Make sure that everything has a reason to be there so viewers stay engaged throughout your entire video.

Great editing adds to the final touch to the video. If you want to make it professional, you have to use editing software. Often there are apps on your phone you can use. Alternatively, if you want to up your game consider a professional editor like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

graphics and titiles

Graphics and titles are a very important part of any video. Having graphics and/or text adds another layer of information that increases engagement. It’s also a great way to drive a particular point across.  Also, consider adding closed captions (CC) to your clips. Often these can be switched on and off on the platform you post to. Making your post accessible to all is very important. 

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Benefits of video marketing

search engine optimisation - seo

If you are creating video’s for the purpose of SEO, then you need to have a different mindset. These are some things you can do to help your videos rank better. Try and incorporate keywords or phrases into your title. Add a good description and make sure there is sufficient information.

Adding a transcription or closed captions to your videos also makes it easier for search engines to understand the context of your content and therefore stands a better chance of being ranked. 

While there are many factors that go into SEO, such as backlinks and the age of the site, having great content like videos will help your boost your efforts.

free advertising

If you have amazing content it could go viral. This could be an incredible amount of free advertising. Video’s on YouTube stand a good chance of ranking in the search engine results.  Additionally, viral videos have a snowball effect the more people that watch and engage with your video, the more the platform you’re posting on will show it.


The most effective method of getting your videos shared on social media is to produce excellent content. It doesn’t have to be completely new. It just needs to be something intriguing or amusing enough that people want to share it.

brand awareness

It’s more likely that people will buy from you if they’re familiar with your brand. With videos, the character of your company is communicated more effectively. This in turn encourages trust from your audience. People can’t click on a picture or text ad to get an idea of what you are describing. If you want them to know who you are, try making video’s that will give them a better understanding about your company and how things work.

final note

Keep practising – practice makes perfect!

If you keep working on your skills,  you’ll eventually have all the know-how and be able to create stunning videos. Video content marketing can be extremely powerful for small businesses and startups. always make it high quality, original and engaging.

If you don’t feel confident about creating your own video, I offer some great content marketing services to help you out. Good luck!


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