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Reach New Customers with Google Ads

When searching for a Google Ads management agency, it is crucial to find one that has experience with growing and scaling businesses. At Hardcraft we work with small businesses and rapidly growing start-ups on ad campaigns that deliver sustainable growth through return on advertising spend.


Complete Campaign Management

Our ads management services are designed to help you generate new qualified leads, drive traffic to your website and increase conversion rates. Through the research of industry trends, competitor analysis and data tracking, we will discover the most effective set-up for your advertising campaigns.

Our team will also suggest critical changes to optimise the performance of Google Ads according to KPIs. Included our team will build customised ad copy for each campaign, based on your unique keywords and ad titles. They will also liaise with the ads specialists to write compelling description line ads (DLA) which encourage clicks from potential customers.

As well as this we supply full creative artwork, ads and set-up for Google remarketing campaigns. Advertising your business on Google using Search and Display Networks.

You can budget with confidence that we’ll deploy each campaign to its full potential of increasing leads and sales. Designing cost-effective strategies for all industries, we won’t waste your budget on irrelevant ads or banners that don’t work.

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Google ads management

Search Engine Marketing at Its Best

Google is a great way to get your website to the top of search engine results. As a lower cost, highly visible and very popular advertising platform, Google Ads can bring you a huge influx of customers. However, it can be tough to get started with Google ads without professional agency help.

If you’re not careful you could end up wasting money on something that doesn’t work. With our experience in Google Ads, we can make sure your ad campaigns are set up right from the beginning. Getting you real results as soon as possible.

Hardcraft is a digital marketing agency providing innovative online solutions to the most ambitious and forward-thinking companies and brands. 

How It Works

Hardcraft will look at your Google Analytics account to understand the pain points of your business and to identify ad opportunities for maximum impact. Then create a winning strategy from pre-approved keywords and set up campaigns and manage them on an ongoing basis.

The agency monitors conversions daily to help you get in control of your spending. A dedicated online consultant will work with you to understand your business and customer journey.  Therefore able to fully optimise your account and build a positive return on investment.

Why Hardcraft Google Ads Management?

To add more success to your business we offer our agency’s expertise because we understand how Google Ads work. Therefore we can help you with everything from campaign set-up to refining your ads for maximum impact. Additionally, we offer 100% transparent billing with no hidden costs.

Hardcraft is an agency with expertise in digital marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), content production and content writing. We are qualified experts and will make sure we are accountable for your results.

All of our marketing campaigns are designed to help you make money. We offer performance budget based advertising with a monthly service fee. The fee includes all keyword, ad text and article writing in addition to campaign management.

Why You Should Invest in Google Ads

Frequently asked questions

Why you should invest in a Google Ads management service.


You might have spent a lot of time and money on your existing digital marketing strategies but discovered that they are not delivering the results you need. Google Ads can help you reach more customers who are looking for your products or services by displaying ads to users based on their search terms. This can be really powerful if done correctly.

Google Ads are easy to set-up once you have an account, but can be more complicated if you don’t know all the potential pitfalls of this type of advertising and how to get started effectively. At Hardcraft we will help you create a winning ad campaign that generates more leads, drives more traffic to your website and increases conversion rates.

Increasing your Google Ads performance will also make a big difference to the success of your digital marketing as a whole. Because we understand what works best for each client we can measure and refine each campaign, making them even more effective over time. It is important that all your online marketing efforts work together to drive the best possible results.

The right professional guidance makes it easier to ensure you achieve your digital marketing goals and our Google Ads management agency can help you succeed. We will plan, optimise and manage your account for maximum impact and we will create a monthly payment system that suits your budget.

Google Ads is an online advertising service from Google. Google Ads enables organisations to promote their products or services through targeted, cost-effective ads. Growth in the number of internet users has helped fuel the growth of Google Ads by creating a larger digital marketplace where businesses can direct paid advertisements at consumers searching for specific types of services or products.

People are searching for your products or services on Google right now. You can get in front of them at the exact moment that they are looking to buy if you use Google Ads for cost-effective marketing campaigns.

There is no need to wait for customers. Customers are already looking for your products or services online and we can put you in front of them through Google Ads.

Our team will help you get started and we will make sure your online advertising campaign brings results for your business.

Google Ads management services from Hardcraft can help your business to get more of the right customers for your online advertising campaigns. We understand how technology works and we have a solid strategy in place. We know exactly what makes businesses successful on the net today and we can create a web presence that works for you. Our Google Ads management team will help you gain exposure to more potential customers, increase your traffic and boost your profits.

There are many elements that need to be considered when creating a successful advertising campaign. We will review your web presence, analyse what works best and create bespoke ads.

Our pricing structure is transparent. We charge a flat fee every month that includes all the ad copywriting, keyword research, campaign management and optimisation. This fee is based on your business needs so you can create an effective online advertising strategy for your company. We will follow your instructions and we will make sure we create a Google Ads management plan that makes sense for you.

What happens after I sign up?

We make the most of your Google PPC budget so you get the best possible return on investment. We’ll work with your ad spend, your goals and your budget to determine the best possible outcome for you.

Our wide-ranging experience in a diverse range of industries means we’re able to target your business’ most likely customers with the right message at the right time.

Keyword research and development of high-quality ad copy that converts to sales. Additionally continuous tracking and reporting of ad performance so you can stay on top.

Regular optimisation and testing based on live data to keep your campaign running at 100%. Included we also review, re-deploy and optimise any campaigns which aren’t effective to ensure you get the best possible return on investment.

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We offer a wide range of different services to suit your needs including organic search engine optimisation, content writing, content production, photography, video services and brand design.


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