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Search Engine Optimisation Specialist

SEO specialist with extensive digital marketing and production experience. As your search engine optimisation consultant, I offer a range of SEO packages to suit your budget and web optimisation needs.

My expert SEO services cover technical SEO, keyword research, content production, on-page and off-page optimisation. 


Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

Featuring in search results means a well-strategised website to gain precious organic traffic. Organic search is critical for your business to succeed and generate more leads and sales.

Organic SEO is a tried and trusted way to boost long term stable traffic to your website. Managed and developed correctly, you can measure and adjust your marketing efforts. In addition, Google provides free analytics and search console tools to monitor your ongoing efforts.

Hardcraft will help generate content that connects with user intent. Non-converting traffic to your business website means you’re drawing the wrong target audience. Furthermore, you could be damaging your ranking as it will increase your bounce rate.

Investing in targeted, researched content will help you convert your users. Thereby showing Google you’re an authority on a subject by providing a great user experience.

I am a full-time SEO consultant and digital marketing specialist. Providing search engine optimisation for small businesses as well as larger corporations. Working with clients to provide targeted keyword research, technical optimisation and content marketing solutions. 

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Save Money

Consider that you are not paying per click. Your results don’t disappear when the budget runs out. In addition, you do not have to worry about exceeding a budget either.

Besides Google still evaluates the relevance of the content before choosing to display your ad. Undoubtedly SEO is beneficial to both organic and paid search.

Link Building

Apart from building an optimised web page, high-quality authentic backlinks are important when it comes to SEO. By developing high-quality engaging content your digital marketing SEO specialist will help you build an authentic link profile.


A search engine optimisation expert is responsible for improving the ranking of your website. Using complex analytics, research, and auditing tools to boost your organic results. Your SEO expert is able to design your website. Always using best practice legitimate methods, and developing growth strategies to help you rank higher.

Content Development

Content development plays a key role in your SEO efforts. Google is constantly searching for new, authentic content that attracts engagement. Therefore consistent, well written and produced content is crucial for the ongoing success of your business.

Explore other opportunities to develop your content through videos, tutorials, press releases, social media and more. Hardcraft offers a host of production services to help you lead the way.

How to Choose Your SEO Company

Questions to ask your SEO company

Some easy questions to ask. A good SEO agency should be able to answer the following with ease and honesty. These questions should quickly help you assess an SEO marketing company.

  • where do you obtain your backlinks
  • how do you generate a keyword strategy
  • is your work done locally or abroad
  • who writes your content

Often web development and design work is produced abroad. There is no problem with this however in some instances the work produced can be inferior.

Therefore it is important to ask where the work is produced and what quality standards are engaged. All Hardcrafts work has strict quality control measures in place. As a result, all work follows best practices and updated algorithm trends.

Keywords are the basis of search results. Understanding what words your potential customer is using to find the services you offer is imperative.

Researching and understanding which keywords to use when generating your SEO content is a large part of what your SEO service provider will do. Ask your potential marketing company about keywords and how they are researched.

Backlinks should be high-quality authentic links. In the case of backlinks, quality far supersedes quantity. Be wary of marketing agencies that promise “first page instantly” results. Usually, they rely on link farms and “black hat” strategies.

Quick, cheap results will hurt in the long run. Hardcraft develops high-quality content to encourage organic links.


Content writing and development is a huge factor when it comes to search. Because of this poor grammar and spelling will damage your marketing efforts.

Extreme measures should be taken to ensure your content meets excellent readability scores. Therefore make sure your content is relevant, authentic and well-written.

Check that your content writer understands your intended target customer and is a native English speaker.

Additional considerations for choosing an SEO marketing company

Technical SEO is the practice of developing the technical layout required by search engines. Technical, as the name would suggest, is a challenging part of SEO.

SEO experts understand how to develop your web page, by refining and optimising to ensure correct indexing. Key considerations are crawling, rendering, website architecture, site speed, and the .robot file to mention a few.

Have you considered local SEO in your optimisation strategy?

Local search engine optimisation is often overlooked in an SEO campaign. However, making sure your local business is on Google Maps is so important.

Your next potential customer could be right outside your door.  Make sure they know where you are. Your local SEO expert is here to help.

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I am an accomplished content producer and SEO specialist with a flair for creativity. I have diverse skills across multiple industries. My approach is hands-on, proactive and consultative.


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